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It was a beautiful Sunday at night... When in Fábio's insane mind it passes the idea of setting up a band, that had already happened thousands of times before, but this time seemed serious. Thrilled and of snapped eyelids, in a pulse of his madness, it calls a great friend, Danilo, a face with an excellent one influences musical, he answered his cellular telephone with fright, it was at his girlfriend's house, Fram, Fábio counted his idea for Danilo, F..bio was afflicted, this time really wanted a lot the band, he spoke that for Danilo, and they made a “I wake up” that would not give up and they would always lean on when one of them discouraged, after all they didn't have a long time in their busy lives and that left them without I encourage to play, after F..bio's relief and of the invitation that made to Danilo to be his vocalist, the connection he closes up for not feeding intrigues among a beautiful couple, that just tried to date on one Sunday and unprecedented they receive a connection an as much as crazy. The following day Danilo calls Fábio asking of the madness of the previous day, confirming yours presence in the “I project”, they were organized and they began to work, they marked an encounter with an old friend, Diogo, an almost responsible face and with a doubtful musical taste, but nothing compared to the that had to come, Diogo accepted with excitement to be the guitarist of the band beside Fábio, and soon he got ready the “to compose”... Diogo maybe is the guy more expert of the band to the days today!!! Good Forbidden Call was already with 3 incredible integral, and it was like this for some months, until drummer Paulo's entrance, an enormous friend of Fábio, they studied together 10 years in a mediocre school in Norway, Paulo was with foot behind in his important..ssima decision, that would affect himin all his life, because it was in another band that until that he made a lot of success, with their musical tastes (putz) ridiculous Paulo entered in the band without a lot with what to contribute with musical innovations, but with a prostitute technical fudida that had never been seen in any other drummer. Good now Forbidden almost complete Call, began to record music, because it was very difficult a bassoonist's choice the height of the band, then just it used invited musicians, until they find...

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